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Kimberly Rauch Paper 1 Outline Dr. Dolly Mullin T.A. Lauren Copeland 1/30/08 I. Contextual levels of communication in the TV show The Office A. Contextual levels of communication B. Verbal and Non-verbal communication 1. Clip from The Office. Includes four main people, Michael (the manager), Phyllis, Andy and Jim a. Michael is talking to the office staff, a group of people, which is group communication. Phyllis raises her hand and he acknowledges her. b. Verbal communication between the Michael and Phyllis
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Unformatted text preview: c. Non-verbal communication between Michael and Phyllis 2. Second part of clip, Andy is singing the theme song for the Kit Kat bar commercial and cannot remember what the song is for. Jim tries to help him figure it out. a. Interpersonal communication between Jim and Andy, it is a dyad (until Michael steps in) b. Verbal communication between Jim and Andy c. Non-verbal communication between Jim and Andy d. Sarcastic remark made by Michael when Andy says “Football Cream”...
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