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Kimberly Rauch Free Write 2/25/08 After reading this piece of writing I realized that there were a few things that were important to interviews. I want to stay engaged with my subject and have a conversation instead of a question and answer discussion. I also want to have my questions prepared and follow-up question prepared so that I am not stumbling along through the interview. I also want to be clear with my questions, intentions, and what I will be trying to figure out. I want to be dressed in a professional and appropriate manner so that my subject feels comfortable and knows that I am serious. To make my interview effective I think I
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Unformatted text preview: need a partner to take notes for me, so that the flow of conversation doesnt have to keep stopping in order for me to get my thoughts down. I also want to use the time I have efficiently by making sure I have all my questions answered and all of the required questions asked first. I hope that by keeping my subject engaged I will be able to effectively get the information needed to write a profile that correctly depicts my subject as a person and a professional....
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