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Interview Notes - more of it in undergrad school Influences...

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Interview Notes Biggest accomplishment – Marrying husband and building home together Went from a torn down, old house and turned it into something beautiful Brought them closer together getting through the stress of building a home together Past experiences – Undergrad o How she runs classes o Treats everyone the same o Organization o Time management o “teaching was my first love” Grad o Did a lot of T.A. o Learned from the students o Ph. D and research program o Job title is lecturer so doesn’t have to be involved in the research aspect Struggles – Bad T.A. experience – First amendment class, worst grade she got in undergrad school Time management People being smarter More strict in graduate school Not comm. Then what – Psychology – so closely related Geology/zoology – love animals, hard science Science because she doesn’t know the field and feels like she should have taken
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Unformatted text preview: more of it in undergrad school Influences – • UCLA – amazing professor/lecturer was history professor “kept her spell bound” • Had horrible teachers too • Good and bad taught her how she wanted to teach • What to do and not to do Professional life vs. personal life • Drive home together and talk about work • When home school is behind • Important to her to keep professional life and personal life separate • Mentally work is not entire life • Time with husband/dog/cat, etc Psych class • “everything in psychology applies to real life” • Comm. And psych so similar • Theories still in life • Comm. And social psych borrow concepts from one another • Students value how they process information • Memory • Learning styles • Designing lecture sections...
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Interview Notes - more of it in undergrad school Influences...

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