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Best Seller 1 The Best Seller: A Look into the World of Blink The reason that books become best sellers varies from author to author, however a main reason is that the author connects with the reader in some way. Malcolm Gladwell’s (2005) book about “thinking with out thinking,” Blink , is no different. Gladwell brought to us a national best seller by showing his readers a world normally closed off to us, the unconscious mind. He taught us about how our mind works in certain situations and how and when to trust those quick judgments our minds make. Gladwell helped the reader to understand how things like thin-slicing, snap judgments and first impressions work in our minds, how we can use this to our advantage and when to trust those judgments. Gladwell’s use of scientific studies provides us with a sense of direction in his book. Although the ideas are not new, they become better understood by the way Gladwell discussed them. He presented his ideas to a general adult audience in a way that is easy to understand and the examples he put into a context that made his ideas accessible. His book is a best seller because he took experiments which are normally difficult to understand and put them in words that made sense to the audience and by using techniques such as emotion connection, logical thinking, and establishment of credibility in order to connect with the reader. Gladwell’s persuasive technique was key in Blink . He used a specific style to help us understand further what he was trying to say. The way Gladwell discussed the idea persuades the reader to believe what he was saying. It is in a matter-of-fact way that leaves no doubt in the readers mind. For instance, when Gladwell talked about Paul Van Riper and the Millennium Challenge (p. 118), it brought us in and we wanted to read
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Best Seller 2 more. He kept us interested and persuaded us to believe him by letting us know that he himself did interviews with people such as Paul. Gladwell included many experiments that were interesting and supported his claims and he made them easy for us to read. On a regular basis, not many people sit down and read an experimental study. The average person does not have the time or the will to read studies. Gladwell made these studies accessible to the general public by
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gladwell.rough1 - Best Seller The Best Seller: A Look into...

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