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Kimberly Rauch Metacognitive Reflection For my first revision I didn’t have very much to edit or revise. However, I caught a few grammatical errors and some APA style revisions to make. My references page had a few errors on it with capitalization, which I promptly fixed. Also, a few of my APA citations needed a little touching up. As for the grammatical errors, I fixed some punctuation and errors with words, such as it’s for its. My peer editor also helped me to realize that I needed to cite a few more things and needed more sources for my paper. She also helped me see that one of my paragraphs didn’t quite belong in the paper and that the paragraphs were out of order. It was not a hard task and with a few adjustments I felt like
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Unformatted text preview: my paper was getting to a better point. I also added in and took out a few of my sentences. A few of them didnt go together and needed something more and a few of the sentences didnt fit at all. I also added in better transitioning before paragraphs because I felt as though I was just jumping from point to point with no goal in mind. This helped my paper develop a better base. In my first draft I also didnt include any reference to pop culture or psychology which is very important to this essay, it is the prompt. So, I added that in to my conclusion and how Fincher (the director) used psychology and pop culture to cultivate the film I have been analyzing....
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