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Kimberly Rauch 3/11/08 Metacognitive Reflection For my second revision I didn’t have quite as much to do in order to fulfill my desired essay. I had a few grammatical errors that I quickly saw and fixed. I also neglected to include my theme in my paragraph about psychology and how it applies to her life. I also needed to correct a few of my transitions so that it flowed more freely and didn’t sound as awkward as it did before. I also had to make sure that I didn’t have quotes
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Unformatted text preview: from Professor Mullin standing along in a sentence. After my peer reader read my essay aloud to me I heard a few things that didnt sound quite right and we corrected those quickly. Also, she saw that spelling errors were present in my essay and she corrected those for me immediately. I also found that when my essay was read out loud to me I could hear things that didnt seem right in my writing. Overall, this revision helped me to further perfect my essay,...
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