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Kimberly Rauch 1/30/08 Metacognitive Reflection In doing this final revision of my paper I saw a few small things that I had to fix. All that I found wrong were a few grammatical errors and tense errors that were easily solved. I had to delete some sentences that didn’t quite make sense and rearrange a sentence or two to make it make more sense due to chronological order. I also substituted a few transition phrases and verbs to different ones because I felt that there was an over use of similar words. I only added in a small amount of detail about Gladwell’s book
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Unformatted text preview: Blink . However after I finished going over my paper my peer reader helped quite a bit, she went over the paper and fixed grammar and punctuation errors and helped guide me to making my paper even better. I feel as though I could have gone into more depth on a few topics and that I was repetitive in some parts of the essay. Overall, I feel as though my essay was well written and edited and revised to the best it could be....
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