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Communicating 1 Communicating with the Communicator: An interview with Professor Dolly Mullin Graduating from UC Los Angeles in 1987 as magna cum laude and obtaining master’s degrees in 1992 from UC Santa Barbara with honors is difficult on its own but add in a Ph. D in 1998 from UCSB and you have Professor Dolly Mullin. She is a slender woman with short blonde hair and a welcoming smile. As I walk into her office she hurriedly opens the window. “I am sorry if it smells like tuna,” she tells me apologetically. I reassure her that I don’t mind and sit down across from her. She seems as though she is dedicated to pleasing people and making sure they are comfortable. Although her empty office makes me think she might be dull but first impressions can be misleading. She leans toward me, as if beckoning me to begin. I glance at my notes nervously; this is the professor that I will be spending a large amount of time with in the next few years. She teaches almost all of the undergraduate pre-communications classes and I am a pre-communications major. I set aside my thoughts and put my focus on her and beginning the interview I began by asking her what she believes her biggest accomplishment is. “I don’t have children and that is always what people say when asked this question,” Professor Mullin points out. She stops to think more and smiles to herself. She tells me that her biggest accomplishment is marrying her husband and building their home together. She continues on to tell me that they found an old torn down house and built it from the
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paper3.maintext - Communicating Communicating with the...

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