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Kimberly Rauch 3/10/08 Metacognitive Reflection As I looked over my paper I realized many things about it that could be changed, fixed, or added in. I found that my transitions were not relevant or not there and that I needed to elaborate more in a few places. I also realized that I had a paragraph in my paper that didn’t flow with the paper in any way. Also, after listening to what Professor Browning had to say, I realized that I had to change my essay from present tense to past tense. I also saw that I must rearrange a few things in order for paragraphs and sentences to make sense. There was a lot that I had to edit to further my writing process. After
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Unformatted text preview: having a peer editor look over my paper and write a response to me about what I needed to change I felt as though my own editing process was good as well. My peer editor saw the same things I saw but also he noticed that I used repetitive terms frequently and suggested that I change them around. Overall, this process consistently helps me to see what I need to change and what I am doing well. I am glad that this class has helped me to develop better editing skills for future papers....
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