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meta.2 - essay in order to bring the whole essay in on the...

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Kimberly Rauch Metacognitive Reflection After revising my paper the first time, this time was a little bit simpler and overall a better judge of what I needed to accomplish. Professor Browning gave us a different task or having our paper read out loud to us. This helped an immense amount. My peer editor read my paper out loud to me and throughout the reading we would stop and discuss things that didn’t make sense or needed to be changed. As before we found a few more grammatical errors and places where the sentences didn’t quite make sense. I fixed the grammatical errors and filled in a few gaps. I had an analysis of a scene in the essay, but I didn’t include the actual scene. I also changed some of my analysis to develop my essay more. I did this by adding in parts about pop culture and psychology throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: essay, in order to bring the whole essay in on the main topic. As before, I also found a few sentences that didn’t quite fit or were almost repeating a previous sentence. So, I either changed the wording and made it fit or completely deleted it from my paper. The process of having my paper read aloud to me helped me realize my spelling and grammatical errors to a much greater extent and also helped me to hear what was going on in my mind as I was writing. Some of the things that I had before made sense to me but hearing it out loud made me realize that there needed to be changes so that the reader could also understand what I was saying....
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