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metacognitive.1 - sentences that didn’t quite make sense...

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Kimberly Rauch 1/27/08 Metacognitive Reflection After going through the revision process I realized there were a few things that needed to be fixed in my essay. However, I also saw that I was not going to have to redo my entire paper. I used the suggestions that my peer gave me and did my own revision of things. I used Professor Brownings four points, add, delete, substitute and rearrange. These four things helped me greatly to revise my paper and make it just that much better. My peer reader gave me suggestions that helped me see mistakes I had missed and
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Unformatted text preview: sentences that didn’t quite make sense. It wasn’t a hard revision process because I felt that I did my best in the beginning to get my ideas down and make sure I had many examples and analysis of the examples I was using. Revising is always a difficult task for me because I can not look at my paper in a critical way. It is a great help to have another person read over my paper and look at it through different eyes. My revision was relatively simple. I felt as though my paper was well written and not in need of an extensive amount of revision....
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