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Profile of Professor Browning Kimberly Rauch 2/27/08 How well do we really know our professors? In writing 2 we took the opportunity to get to know Professor Randi Browning and we learned a great deal of new information. One student asked her what her biggest accomplishment was. Her children. They became the people that she hoped she could shape out of her students. Her masters in reading and Ph. D in rhetoric have given her a means of teaching by using words to influence her students and “bring out the unique genius in all students.” Although
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Unformatted text preview: Professor Browning has always been a family person her passion is in her writing and teaching because she feels it is her small way of changing the world, one student at a time. She believes that psychology has affected her as a professor because it influences her teaching methods and even learning styles. A short interview and one can learn information about someone they may not have before....
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