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Biblical Studies 5-8

Biblical Studies 5-8 - Final Biblical Studies Message for...

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Final Biblical Studies Message for whole world Mark writing at the time of horrible persecution.--Writes a gospel that says to follow the crucified cross is to carry the cross yourself. Matthew: Antioch, Jewish but it’s looking out toward the gentile world. Jesus is messiah of Gentile world. Sub-Petrine- written in Peter’s name, to keep his spirit alive. 1, 2 Peter. These are concerned when under persecution. Civic God that epitomized its ideals. Its way of life… Parthenon-Virgin’s temple. Athene- Athenos- she was beautiful, but totally psychic intellectual. No sexual distractions, virginal. Indicated the nature of Athens (city of colleges) you went there to study in Athens. Corinth-huge sea port. Between Adriatic and aegian seas. Panama. Gigantic Fleets, seamen. Artemis of the Ephesians: she is the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and childhood. Symbolic and psychological image. Upperbody is breasts. Bc goddess of mothering.
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