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Biblical Studies Feb 13 - Biblical Studies Tuesday In Torah...

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February 13, 2007 Tuesday. In Torah 4 sources… Genesis ends with story of Joseph. Hebrews are in Egypt, leave Egypt bc are enslaved, and are slave-class for 3-4 centuries, and then Exodus, their liberation from Egypt under Moses. Spend 40 years in Sinai Peninsula, and wander, and then go East of Jordan. Moses died. Torah ends. At end of Torah they are looking down onto Holy Land. Joshua follows directly after Torah. Mythos: means story in Greek. In Bible Glossary: (p432) Discussion of Myth on P. 21 (Reading Guide) Drane: 261 Genesis Myths The tragic flaw: self destructive mode because of a flaw…obsession The myths are our humanity. In Genesis 3: it has anthropomorphic (in human form) God, the humans, and nature. Adam: Haddama (Earth Man, universal, symbolic figure) Eating the forbidden fruit: deciding what is good and evil according to your own ego. The serpent symbol of danger in Middle East… Humans trying to be God for ourselves…Adam and Eve together, find out they are naked and exposed, so cover themselves. God is the seeker, we are the hider (biblical view) we are seeking consolation bc we know we are going to die, but we are not seeking God… God seeks humanity. God going through garden asking where Adam is, and they are hiding. Genesis sets stage for call of Abraham. Preparation for Genesis 12 (call of Abraham). Cain founds urban civilization “Am I my brother’s keeper?” attitude becomes urban life making us unsympathetic to others. The Great Flood: judgment on Godlessness. J source. Tower of Babel: different languages, sin breaking down communication, severs relationships. “Broken World” Judgment on Tower of Babel Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Chapter 12, Genesis: Abram (Abraham) Patriarchs are all buried together? Abraham beginning…challenged to trust God, Abraham trusted Yahweh.
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Biblical Studies Feb 13 - Biblical Studies Tuesday In Torah...

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