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Knowledge – information/data: Data and/or information that have been organized and processed to convey understanding, experience, accumulated learning, and expertise as they apply to a current problem or activity. Data isolation - applications cannot access data associated with other applications. Data integrity: data meets certain constraints, no alphabetic characters in zip code field. Data consistency: various copies of the data agree. Data redundancy : the same data stored in many places. Application/data dependence MS-Access: Relational Database Structured query language (SQL) – popular relational database language that enables users to perform complicated searches with relatively simple instructions. Data warehouses – A repository of subject-orientated historical data that are organized to be accessible in a form readily acceptable for analytical processing. Consists of the following:: Organized by Business dimension or subject – by customer, vendor, product, price level, and region. Info relevant to decision support and data analysis. Consistent – Everything must be encoded in a consistent manner. Historical - data is kept for many years to be used for trends, forecasting, and comparisons over time. Multidimensional – data warehouses store data in more than two dimensions and considered to be stored in a multidimensional structure AKA data cube. Data marts – Is a small data warehouse, designed for the end-user needs in a strategic business unit (SBU) or a department. Virtual databases – is a software application that provides a way of managing many different data sources as though they were all one large database. Advantages are lower developing costs, faster development times, less maintenance, and a single point of entry
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Info_sys_final - Knowledge information/data: Data and/or...

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