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Art 9-8 Notes

Art 9-8 Notes - September 8 2006 Sample test on blackboard...

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September 8, 2006 Sample test on blackboard soon. Ch. 3 – basic building blocks of art Line – the mark left by a moving point, pencil, pen, stick in the sand, most imp element in art Light – color used to portray light Paul Klee, “Landscapes with Yellow Birds” 1932, color , yellow, blue, texture , time and motion are suggested in this piece, like bird in different points of time Ansel Adams, “Rails and Jet Trails, Roseville, California” 1953, different lines due to telephone poles and the jet trials Vertical line – attention Horizontal line –sleep, dead Diagonal line – movement Abby Leigh, “Wallenote” 2002, lines superimposed over letters Alexander Calder “Two Acrobats” 1928 a man and woman acrobat Bridger riley, “Current” 1964, curved lines on a canvas, practices op art, optical illusion, Optical Art – an art movement that runs approximately from 1955 to 1975 involving and artists attempt to produce a somatic or physical response in the viewer.
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