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April 22 - April 22, 2008 Revolts of the 1960s Very...

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April 22, 2008 Revolts of the 1960s Very controvercial time. People who lived through it see it as positive and negative, there are 2 different views held by people. All kinds of revolts and rebellions going on. We are going to talk ab the biggest ones, against racism, poverty, southerners, government policies. All these in a way are a revolt against post-war liberalism. 1. Black Radicalism and Revolt – Many African Americans become disillusioned by the civil rights victories (2). Racism was still happening, the 2 pieces of legislation did not lift them out of poverty, and their income is 50% of their white counterparts. Question if the civil rights movement really ment anything, no money to eat at the desegregated lunch counter. Argued that the American economy was flawed and would not let AA make money. Thoes that were disillusioned turn to black radials, turn to views of Malcolm X. They want economic equality more than integration, they are against non- violence, don’t ask, demand. They think white power only respects displays of power. There are various black radical groups, the most famous is the Black Panthers, organized in California, wanted to practice self defense, they believed in black power. At their peak they only had about 2,000 members. They celebrated blackness, rejected assembling in the white society, having control of their own school system, indepenededt black businesses, celebrate their “blackness”. A. Strategy and Cultural Shift B. Urban Riots – The riots are not from the black radicalism. From 65-68 there were 329 riots, mainly in AA neighborhoods. These stemmed from feelings of hopelessness, etc. They usually started after a real or imagined incident of police brutality on a AA. They ended up destroying their own neighbor hoods. Watts neighborhood in CA. was a large one. 34 people were killed, 100s of building destroyed, 100 million dollars in property damage. There was another one in Chicago, Detroit, usually one in every major city. There were several after MLK Jr. was killed. Not many riots in the south, most were in
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April 22 - April 22, 2008 Revolts of the 1960s Very...

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