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April 15 - HIST 2057 Cold War Heats Up 1 Eisenhower's...

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HIST 2057 April 15, 2008 Cold War Heats Up 1. Eisenhower’s approach to cold war- He was a republican, which were hesitant to support the cold war and an active foreign policy. They talked about going further than containment. Behavior did not match their talk, they did not take action. a. He wanted to give containment a “new look”. He wants to de-emphasize troop involvement and cut spending on wars. i. Doctrine of massive retaliation- emphasizes nuclear weapons instead of a conventional army. If anyone attacks the US, we will annihilate that country, and use all of our nuclear missiles. 1. Brinkmanship diplomacy- all negotiations go to the brink of nuclear holocaust, goal is to make Soviets or China back down, make them think we are willing to do this ii. Covert operations- instead of getting our troops involved, use things like CIA to help and instigate insurgencies- secret operations b. Momentary reduction of tensions- happened b/c Joseph Stalin died in 1953, we believed he was insane and someone who could not be dealt with at all, in his place
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April 15 - HIST 2057 Cold War Heats Up 1 Eisenhower's...

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