MOS180.Chapter 8 Notes

MOS180.Chapter 8 Notes - 3) Commitment (Expect, Refererent)...

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Chapter 8 Notes Power - a capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B, so that B acts in accordance  with A’s wishes Dependancy - B’s relationship to A when A possesses something that B needs Coercive Power - defined by French and Raven as being dependant of fear Reward Power - power that achieves compliance based on the ability to distribute  rewards that others view as valuable Legitimate Power - power that a person receives are a result of his or her position in the  formal hierarchy of an organization Expert Power - influence based on special skills or power Referent Power - influence based on possession by an individual of desirable resources  or personal traits  Information Power - power that comes from access to and control over information Bases of Power - a person will respond to above types of power in 3 ways: 1) Resistance (Coercive) 2) Compliance (Reward, Legit)
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Commitment (Expect, Refererent) What Creates Dependancy ?-Importance-Scarcity-Nonsubstitutability Empowerment- the freedom and the ability of employees to make decisions and commitments Degrees of Empowerment Job Content- the tasks and procedures necessary for carrying out a particular job Job Context- the reason for the job being done ; it reflects the organizational mission, objectives, and setting Sexual Harassment- unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature in the workplace that negatively affects the work environment or leads to adverse job-related consequences for the employee Political Behavior- those activities that influence, or attempt to influence, the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within the organization Impression Management-the process by which individuals attempt to control the impression other form of them...
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MOS180.Chapter 8 Notes - 3) Commitment (Expect, Refererent)...

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