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BME501_07_fall_syl - 12 Lung Structure and Function...

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BME 501 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Systems (4) OHE 100B 10:00-11:50 MW Texts: Respiratory Physiology, The Essentials J.B. West 7 th Ed. Cardiovascular Physiology R.M. Berne and M.N. Levy 8 th Ed. Course Instructors: Pramod Butte, Ph D. Introductory Section Gerald Loeb, M.D. Muscle Section Stanley Yamashiro, Ph. D. [email protected] Respiratory Section Offfice Hrs MW 6:50-7:50 am Tzung Hsiai, M.D. Cardiovascular Section TA: Marc Cole Aug 27(M) Intro to Biomedical Systems Butte 29 (W) Sept 5 Muscle Physiology I Loeb 10 Muscle Physiology II
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Unformatted text preview: 12 Lung Structure and Function Yamashiro West Ch 1 17 Ventilation Ch 2, 10 19 Mechanics of Breathing Ch 7 24 Diffusion Ch 3 26 Control of Breathing Ch 8 Oct 1 Blood Flow and Metabolism Ch 4 3 Ventilation-Perfusion Ch 5 8 Gas Transport by Blood Ch 6 10 Respiratory System Under Stress Ch 9 15 Exam Grading: Inroductory Section 2/29 Muscle Section: 2/29 Respiratory Section: 11/29 Cardiovascular Section: 14/29 Respiratory Section: 20% of section grade based on assignments...
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