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Unformatted text preview: Jonah Lovens The Biblical Tradition September 9, 2007 Reading: Psalms 74 & 104 and Genesis 1-5 1) Psalm 74: focus on lines 12-17, compare with the rest of the Psalm… Psalm 74 Starts off asking God why such a terrible thing has happened. It then goes on to explain what atrocity has occurred, the destruction of the temple. Lines 1-11 seem to be questioning God’s motives for allowing such an event to happen; these lines posses a somewhat negative and perhaps even condescending tone. Then in lines 12-17 that tone changes. These lines focus more on expressing trust and praising God. They seem to be a way of “sucking up” to God and saying “its ok the temple was destroyed b/c you did x,y and z (variables being great things) in the past” 2) Psalm 104: how does this creation account differ from 74:12-17? This Psalm focuses primarily on the idea of God being the sole creator and provider for the world. It extensively discusses how earth’s many positive characteristics are a direct the world....
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