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BME 501 Respiratory/Muscle Exam Spring 2005 Mark True(T) or False(F). One point each, 15 points total. 1. (T) The sum of the partial pressures of gas in the alveoli equals the barometric pressure minus the vapor pressure of water. 2.(F) The normal blood-gas barrier is of the order of 0.3 mm thick . 3. (F) Some of the cells lining the pulmonary capillaries secrete a substance called surfactant. 4.(F) Mucus secreted by mucous glands is removed by cilia which are wandering cells which engulf deposited particles. 5.(F) The maximal inhaled volume is called the functional residual capacity. 6.(F) A spirometer alone can be used to measure total volume of gas in the lungs. 7(T) Alveolar ventilation is always lower than total ventilation in the human lungs. 8.(F) If a subject stands on his head, the base(bottom) of the lungs should ventilate better than the apical region. Note: I think I said the opposite in class. See page 65 Fig 5-8 Normally the base ventilates better so this would reverse when inverted. 9.(F) If a subject is totally immersed in water, but still in an upright posture regional differences in ventilation and perfusion due to pleural pressure differences should still be present. 10.(F)
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bme501_sample_respexam_fall_2005_sol - BME 501...

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