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OChem1-Exam 2 pg12 - flame Ma—Hofiillgflar isthedifl'...

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Unformatted text preview: flame Ma—Hofiillgflar isthedifl'erencebetweenacrystsland precipitate? A CryS‘lfilyM S‘l’mdUN- '5 speggic +0 £999 ' like Nam, A cEPfi'“ ‘ Gun be fume! whm +I~o liqust W“ (V £€b ' mixecl on Cofl be of VNiOU‘ S+Wchml1t0rms' MM' 18 What will be the efi‘ect on retention time (none, increase. decrease) in a GC E a) The detector temperature decreases: b] The length of the column decreases: dQQIQSQ ('Less'i-ime) / \)\ Ingram“. [mart ”If-j) c) The flow rate decreases: d) The column temperature decrease: luggage ( mg; I ma 19. .Define the following terms and give an example for each: a) ConstitufionalIsomers: Compmndsa‘f .‘Hu Sow-«- Mal-formum WL dIHarn'l' arrangemen“? 0f a-lom/ Cl (”a 'l’[ ~d~ vex Mk »- -— -—c—» 6 b} Resonance Isomers: Compamols of -H\L 5M ”‘6’ “ya“; 50"“— l : Amrmgz 7+ 5f afloM'i be} H—lam’r arrmgcw 5'3 \ac-'¢;¢_-c of Queens. ° 0° - SOW‘L :mL‘Eerulou bd' differed-4 PosH‘rons cl . FUlfa+lm flannel q Sinclk be c%} l 20. Define an. the fouowiné techniques inthe space‘ provul' ed a , 2 . ; .HEA C"? a! Minnow: The Temperrdb:t mil-m a subs-mazes was Vapor Pressure. :- —-ch MmospheszmSSW‘Q,‘ aSe n+0 c4 \p Gould. I n ‘t‘ec’mMyt. 312; \zfihl is Pfiiseol c] Infrared Spectroscopy: 1+5 mjolefij‘ficdrio a P w,” Jfimu ln o\ CchLml-lv bond: Adm” Wol- 4‘“. EM Ragflmfi and beam .40 Don“ (gecKrthgecfiuhen CIW Y “2333;1‘560“ A ' elm is Jamal Manama-ms, .- ‘ d} Chmmigegmphy‘ Z Subs-twee 3S +$CNA (De-Man q mobk OML S‘l’OrhO/‘lafly phsefflu Subs-vau or compomfi m ##mcfiA 40M s-l-orlzonww pleas: will move (11' “Wt slams «4‘6. 771a is Fwd, 'HU. compom-ls m componeol oral Com b) MeltingPoint: “HQ fimpmfin‘é when a Solid changes r3"? ...
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