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Lauren K Goodwin Professor Willoquet The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock April 15, 2008 Power and Self Reflexivity in Hitchcock films One of the more common themes in Alfred Hitchcock’s movies is the theme of “self reflexivity” and the theme of the power that people can often exert over others. I think that very often Hitchcock will show what he believes is an honest portrayal of human life and the way that people are. Although I feel that Hitchcock uses the idea of people as “pawns” on a much larger scale, this is something that is very relevant in everyday life as well. Rope is a film which clearly expresses both the themes of self-reflexivity and power over other people. Rope is a film about Brandon and Philip, two young men who set out to prove that they can commit the perfect murder. They prove this by killing their friend David and then placing the body in a chest which they use as a centerpiece for a party which they are holding. At the party, which includes David’s fiancé, his family and the boys former teacher Rupert, Brandon begins to get cocky and test how far he can go without getting caught. Eventually Rupert catches on and Brandon tells him that the whole idea came from a discussion he had with Rupert, when he was a student. When he tells Rupert who gave him the idea Rupert is shocked and points out that he was only discussing a theory and not presenting a challenge. This film uses the idea of self-reflexivity in many different ways. When Hitchcock creates a scene in which the characters discuss the film Notorious, which is a Hitchcock film, it
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could be considered as his signature cameo for Rope . Another element which causes the viewer to view this as a film and not relate is the passage of time. Due to the lack of cuts in the film viewers are led to believe that the action is happening “in real time” and not jumping around.
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LaurenGoodwinHitchcock2 - Lauren K Goodwin Professor...

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