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BME 513 HW #1 Assigned: 9/10/2007 Due: 9/17/2007 1. Given the set of basis function drawn below, determine if they are orthogonal. If not, orthogonalize them and then determine the orthonormal set. Find the coefficients needed to represent the signals 1 ) ( 1 = t x and x 2 (t) = cos(8*pi*t) for t ε [0, T]. In MATLAB, plot
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Unformatted text preview: x(t) along with the approximation using the basis functions below. (60 points total) 2. Excersises E1.12 and E1.13 (p. 104 Lathi, 2 nd edition). (5 points each) 3. Lathi 2 nd edition 1.7-1 a,b,c. (5 points each) 4. Lathi 2 nd edition 1.7-2 a,c,e. (5 points each)...
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