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bsc2010_exam3_practice_key - *17 c binomial system/named...

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Practice Exam 3 Answer Key 1. a, peripheral isolation 2. c, the ESA protects populations on the basis of their species identity [too easy] 3. c, small genetic changes can lead to speciation 4. e, leads to loss of genetic variability 5. d, genetic drift [easy] 6. c, differences in fitness 7. c, deviations indicate that evolution is occurring 8. e, heterozygote advantage 9. a, mutation rates are too low for mutation-selection balance 10. d, heterozygote advantage 11. !4/9! (This wasn’t one of the options! Sorry, I changed words w/o changing answer choices.) 12. d, 1/4 13. b, variable amino acids *14. e, antibiotics or d, running fast 15. d, group is not monophyletic 16. d, 64% blue etc.
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Unformatted text preview: *17. c, binomial system/named organisms or e, taxonomy/creation 18. b, gene flow [easy] 19. e, behavioral isolation [too easy] *20. b, mate competition sexual selection, or e, runaway selection 21. c, trampling 22. d, directional selection [easy] 23. d, strong selection should lead to low variability 24. a, 60-80% in several million years 25. d, anagenesis 26. e, foraminiferae 27. a, evolution favors larger individuals [too easy] 28. b, convergence and analogy [too easy] 29. d, all 3 trees imply the same relationship 30. c, RAPDs 31. b, because nearby females are related 32. c, photosynthesis 33. c, because he is closely related...
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