Speciation bolker - Speciation: where microevolution meets...

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1 Speciation: where microevolution meets macroevolution • Existence of species • Species definitions: 1: morphological and biological species concepts • Isolating mechanisms • Other species concepts [as time allows] • Tempo of speciation • Mechanisms of speciation The existence of species • Our entire concept of biological diversity is built around species –a group of individuals of a particular “type” (better definitions to come): dates from Linnaeus • Why do we have a Tree of Life rather than a “blob” of life? Anagenesis and cladogenesis • Anagenesis: modification of a lineage over time (like microevolution on a longer time scale) • Cladogenesis : splitting of a lineage into two distinct lineages or clades
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2 Modes of speciation • Sympatric speciation: no geographic isolation • Allopatric speciation: geographic isolation Sympatric speciation Sympatric speciation : the appearance of a new species within the range of the parent/sibling population [no geographic isolation] –controversial: how is isolation maintained? –ex. 1: auto- and allopolyploidy in plants (e.g. Spartina ) autopolyploidy : ploidy shift in a single lineage allopolyploidy: ploidy shift in hybrids allowing sexual reproduction –ex. 2: host shifts in parasites: lice and pocket gophers
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Speciation bolker - Speciation: where microevolution meets...

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