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homework #1 - bisceope from vulgar latin ebiscopus from...

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Kristen Strauss The Study of Words 1/24/2008 Homework Assignment #1 I. 1. Portuguese II. 1. Bulgarian – Balto-Slavic 2. Romanian- Italic 3. Sanskrit-Indo-Iranian 4. Spanish-Italic 5. Greek-Hellenic 6. Welsh-Celtic 7. Swedish-Germanic III. 1. Bizzare- from Spanish word bizzaro meaning brave. 2. Chocolate- Spanish, from Nahuatl Xocolatl meaning bitter 3. Sherbet- from Persian sharbat IV.1. Apricot- alteration of earlier word abrecock , ultimately from Arabic al-barquq , the plum. Al-barquq from the greek word praikokion , apricot, from Latin praecoquus , ripe early. 2. Bishop- Middle English from old English
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Unformatted text preview: bisceope , from vulgar latin ebiscopus , from late latin episcopus , from late greek episkopos , from greek overseer, 3. Butter- Middle English butere , from old English, from latin butyrum , from greek bouturon. 4. Car- Middle English carre , cart from old north French, from latin carra , a gallic type of wagon. 5. Chemist- Obsolete chemist, from New Latin chemist , from midevil Latin alchymista , alchemist, from alchymia , alchemy. 6. Orange- Middle English, from old French pume orange , translation and lateration of old Italian melarancio...
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homework #1 - bisceope from vulgar latin ebiscopus from...

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