Latin Lesson 2&3

Latin Lesson 2&3 - Kristen Strauss February 8 2008...

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Kristen Strauss February 8, 2008 Latin Lesson II 1. Infinitesimal: Fin-end, limit;  Immeasurable  2. Annihilated: Nihil- nothing; destroyed  3. Aggravation: Grav- heavy; irritation 4. Nullified: Null- nothing; invalidated  5. Unalienable: alien –of another; permanent  6. Verbiage: verb- word; excess of words 7. Investiture: vest- garment; formal ceremony of conferring the authority and symbols of  high office 8. Verbatim: verb-word; the exact same words. 9. Forte: fort- strong; expertise  10. Aggrandizement: grand- great; empowerment.  11. Nullities: null-nothing;  having no legal validity  12. Particularization: part-part; details  13. Grandeur: grand-great; magnificence  14. Infinitude: fin- end, limit; immeasurable amount of time 15. Affirmation: Firm-strong; assertion 16. Alienated: alien- of another; withdrew  17. Lineaments: line- line; distinctive shapes 18. Travesty: vest-garment; grotesque imitation 19. Alignment: lign- line; a straight line
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20. Impartiality: Part-part; unprejudiced
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Latin Lesson 2&3 - Kristen Strauss February 8 2008...

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