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“The Fisrt Morning” Edward Abbey 1) Yes, natural landscape has affected my imagination. Looking at the different trees on the street, if I am going on a road trip, will spark my imagination and create a character for that tree. The “red wasteland” could be referring to how the sun is rising and because it is so deserted at that time in the morning. 2) Abbey wants to think that God has created everything, and doesn’t want to compare human made things with the great nature. 3) They both discuss the wonders of nature. Solnit has a different view of the country side. She believes that you are more involved with technology than nature because of being in the middle of the country. Abbey thinks that being in the middle of no where is great and you are able to become one with the surroundings. “Landscape, History, and the Pueblo Imagination” Ledlie Silko 1) The word “landscape” could be misleading because Pueblo said that it is the surroundings of a person, but Silko makes a point that humans are also apart
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