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english readings assment 3

english readings assment 3 - mother father and daughter...

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The story, “The Girl Who Raised Pigeons” was interesting to read. Though I would never want to take care of pigeons myself, I still thought it was kind of neat how this girl was fascinated by them. I started to become more involved in the story when they described Betsy Ann and how were mom died of cancer, and her father was only nineteen raising her. In some part of the story I would be confused about who was who. I didn’t think the author did a good job on describing the character in the story. I wish in the beginning Edward Jones, the author, introduced us to each character and there relationship with one another. “Chicago Waters” for me, was an easy read. I thought the author did a great job of describing the scenes throughout the story. I could really relate to the part where the
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Unformatted text preview: mother, father, and daughter were in the lake when it was storming out. When she describes how the water became as warm as the temperature outside. The girl said she couldn’t tell the difference between the water, the air, or the rain. I have been in that position before one time when I was in the ocean when it was storming. I also enjoyed the ending where the girl said that her, her mother, and her father will all meet again in that great lake. David Thoreau talked a lot about the wilderness, but used the word un many different meanings. You can tell he is fasinated by the rural and urban places on earth. He speaks about a lot of different types of lands, and loves nature in every place he speaks about....
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