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english reaings bugz

english reaings bugz - In the reading"Some Experiences with...

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In the reading, “Some Experiences with Insects,” showed how significant the small things in this world can actually be. Humans never stop to look or think about anything else but themselves. The insects in the world have the same problems as we do, but no one seems to think they are as important as a human. Leonard Dubkin talks about how ants and other insects are all over this world, and yet no one even realizes they are here. There are so many things going on in everyone’s busy day that we really take for granted what we have in life. My favorite part in this reading assignment was the party when Dubkin talks about how the triangular stick bug sucks out the insides of caterpillar to survive. At first, I thought the same thing he did; about how awful of a death that is. But Dubkin made a strong point when he said, “Delicacy of feeling did not exist in nature, and no creature but man had ever felt either pity or remorse.” I believe this is
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