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Talk about the movie and how it showed murals Talk about how the city and its murals keep kids off the streets When the government fails, and doesn’t take action for a city that is slowly falling apart; you can always count the people who live in the city of Brotherly Love to sweep through and save the city. The movie “ Edens Lost and Found” directed by …. . shows the different ways of how to keep the city of Philadelphia a nice place to live in. The movie demonstrates how the neighbors of Philadelphia take action to help keep their surroundings clean. In the movie they acknowledge a courageous woman named Jane Golden. Jane Golden is the Program Director of the Murals Art Project, which started as a cleanup effort to reduce graffiti. Mural Art Project is a project that makes the walls of
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Unformatted text preview: buildings into canvases. These walls are inspiration for the city and the people who live and work there. This Project takes people, who usually uses their talents for the worst, like graffiti, and turns those people into artist who have the ability to light up the city. This is a great plan that Golden has keep alive because it may prevent many of those artists from steering into the wrong direction in their lives, like violence. Indeed, the streets of Philadelphia are still filled with violence and drugs, but this movie, “ Edens Lost and Found” could be the transition into becoming a city of free of violence and tyranny, filled with green space and agriculture just like William Penn wanted....
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