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Education 351 Midterm Review Multiple choice Short answer Short response Different components of a lesson plan (tell what is and know components) 1. Focus and Review - An introduction to the objective. Plan an activity that relates to prior knowledge. 2. Objectives - What specifically should the student be able to do, understand. NCSCS 3. Teacher Input - Is when the teacher is doing the work. Contains the Anticipatory Set or “hook”which are actions or statements made by the teacher to relate the experiences of the students to the objective. Also contains Teacher Pesentation by Input which is providing information and then Modeling it to show the students what is expected as the end product. 4. Guided Practice - Teacher monitors, provides feedback, while students carry out the activity. This is done so the teacher can Check for Understanding. 5. Independent Practice - The student is solely responsible for the activity. 6. Closure - Closing activity can be teacher-led as a review of the lesson. Allow the students to summarize, evaluate, make connections. a. give an example of teacher input – what is the task at hand what are you contributing overall-(meat of the lesson). Lecture, telling, video, stories, show. b. What is closure – reflect back on piece, review on what was taught in lesson, or an assessment.- can be summary of the lesson, referencing the text, It can be a puzzle, question and answer, word search c. Example of focus and review – reflect on what you already know, use a hook (anticipatory set) or “ hook” – something that grabs a child’s interest. (song, game, role play, etc)
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Midterm Review - Education 351 Midterm Review Multiple...

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