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Day: Tuesday, 1 May 2007 Mr. Carl Woodard Activity Description of Activities and Settings Materials/Supplies Needed Time Allocated 1. Focus & Review Ask students how they feel about people who are different than them. How are people different than each other? N/A 10 mins 2. Statement of Objectives >SW discuss differences among the people around them (family, community, classroom) in order to establish concepts of acceptance. N/A 3 mins 3. Teacher Input > TW present images of people of different ethic backgrounds (commonly found in America) and ask students how they are similar and different. (Use graphic organizer) >SW work in groups and look through magazines and search for people that look like those in their everyday life. >SW discuss in groups how not everyone is exactly alike (in the “real world” (society) and in the media. >SW compare an image from a magazine with a member of their immediate family using a ven diagram on construction
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Unformatted text preview: paper. >SW write in a paragraph what they discovered was similar and different >Ven Diagram >Images describes in lesson (found via internet) >Magazines >Scissors >Glue >Construction paper >Other misc. art materials 10 mins 15 mins 20 mins 4. Guided Practice/ Distributive 5. Independent Practice 6. Closure >TW guide class discussion that explores what the students observed with what is similar and different with the magazine pictures and their selected family member. Homework: SW write in their journal a personal experience they have encountered with people of different sizes and how that made them feel. Student journal 7 mins TOTAL: 55 mins **This lesson is a prequel to a lesson dealing with people of different sizes** (SW= Students will) **Time allotted is based on the assumption there this is a one (1) hour class period** (TW= Teacher will)...
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