Religion Guide - Anomie- Greek for "w/o law";...

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Anomie- Greek for “w/o law”; popularized by Emile Durkheim as a condition where normal order is missing in society. Chaos is upon the world. Cosmogony- stories that deal with the creation of the world. Dharma- Hindu meaning “sacred law”; Code of Manu, dealing with the casted duties and obligations. A caste member does dharma gets good karma. Buddhism means teaching Buddha- for example 4 noble truths. The practice of duty. Etiological- doctrines or myths explaining origin of something. Henotheism- Greek “one god”; Max Muller explaining one god supreme yet others do exist; diff. from monotheism. Logos- Greek “word; speech; reason”; used by Stoics meaning divine Reason/God. Jewish Philo identifies Jewish God w/ Logos of Stoics. Theodicy- Greek “god justice”; justifying the goodness and power of God even though evil in the world. Sociologist look at it as ideology in the face of chaos. Tanha- thirst for pleasure and power Dhukka- suffering Grand Harmony- “pattern of prestige”’; the correct way of life lived out by authority. Leaders bring peace and rite and great virtue and the land will be good. Khandhas- 5 groups of dukkhas that are painful. Death, old age, sickness, birth, despair. 4 Noble Truths 1. There is dukkha 2. There is tanha. 3. Stop tanha 4. Eightfold path way to stop pain. Siddhartha Gautama- The Buddha or enlightened one; he was N. Indian royalty who taught us how to
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Religion Guide - Anomie- Greek for "w/o law";...

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