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South Africa not as many checks as are in U.S. One of the most powerful Presidents (P.M.) in the world more than U.K. Consolidating Democracy 5 tests- bureaucracy, healthy economy (government budget deficit is actually lower than U.S. which shows stability as well as 5% inflation for a decade, 3% growth rate a year), Economy- Only 60% had access to water in 1996 and now 2002 85%. Electricity now about 85% of people in 2001 Unemployment rate in S. A. is about 40%. S.A. must grow about 6% to reach what it needs for people. Economic inequality- black economic empowerment (BEE is S.A’s. Affirmative Action) do not strip wealth away from the whites; level the playing field based on making a few elite entrepreneurs to trickle down the money instead of just taking it from whites. The entrepreneurs tend to just be a small amount of business men (oligarch). Well connected business men is what they have created, and they are not helping for greater good. Jacob Zuma- Mbeki fired this guy; 2005 dismissed from post because he made a close friend rich (not
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