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John Paluszek - Krista Nix TC Speech 230 November 27, 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: Krista Nix TC Speech 230 November 27, 2007 John Paluszek For my journalism 101 class, I attended The Shrank Lecture in Public Relations by John Paluszek. Paluszek is a Senior Counsel at Ketchum and has been involved in public relations and journalism his entire career. Because of this, he has developed skills in public speaking since college. I would have to say that most of his presentation was presented relatively well, however there were times when it got somewhat boring or hard to pay attention. He did have great eye contact and stayed connected with his audience. Since he was a lot older than most of the people in the audience, he did a good job of relating his speech to the younger generation. As far as his actual speech goes, the transitions worked very well with the material and blended one topic into the other. Paluszek outlined his speech in a way that made since to the audience and made the presentation flow with ease. There were some things that he could have done to improve the presentation. For most of the speech he stayed in one spot behind the podium and hardly used any gestures. I think if he would have moved around more and used his space, it would of made the speech more interesting. Also, Paluszek used a large amount of long, big words that not everyone in the audience knew the meaning of. I think that he should have simplified it somewhat to help those members of the audience understand what he was trying to say. John Paluszek is a very good speaker and you can tell that he has done this for a while. Overall, he did a wonderful job but there are some things that he could improve on for his next presentation. ...
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John Paluszek - Krista Nix TC Speech 230 November 27, 2007...

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