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Japanese Culture The diversity in the world is made known by the different cultures that are seen  everyday. One such culture that differs greatly with the American culture is the Japanese.  Some of the different aspects of the culture that stand out are fashion, food, sports,  language, and architecture.  American fashion is known as high fashion, comfortable, and chic. Usually  Americans can be seen wearing jeans, skirts, and T-shirts. In Japan, the fashion is a  mixture of current trends, modern style, and tradition. The main piece of clothing the 
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Unformatted text preview: Japanese culture is known for is the kimono, which is a full-length dress-like garment that comes in many different colors and patterns. This is the traditional fashion of Japan. Also, the shoes in Japan are very different than the ones worn here. A popular shoe in Japan is the geta, a raised wooden clog, that is worn a lot of times in the snow or rain to keep pants dry. For sumo wrestling, a mawashi is worn during the match. Sumo wrestling is one of many popular sports in Japan....
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