Book Review - chapter was going to be about Then the author...

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Krista Nix Book Review Visit with the Amish By: Linda Egenes Cell phones, computers, indoor plumbing, and automobiles: all things deemed necessary in the daily life of today’s people. But what some people don’t realize when they are driving the 20 minute commute to work in the morning is that there are people in the world still who do not use cars to get to work or wherever they might need to go. This is the life of the Amish. In Visits with the Amish: impressions of the plain life, author Linda Egenes tell the story of how these people live. This book is unlike most non-fiction books because Egenes uses the first person to describe her visits with the different Amish families. The book was set up into four different parts: home, school and work, community, and customs. This made it easier to read because the chapters within each part were similar in topics. Also, the chapters were set up in an interesting way. At the beginning of each chapter was a small introduction giving the reader an idea of what the
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Unformatted text preview: chapter was going to be about. Then the author would go into her visit with the family, which was part dialogue. The introduction set the readers up for what the authors visit had entailed. Throughout the entire book, the author used a very positive and simplistic tone. Not once did Egenes look at the Amish badly or make them come off in a negative way. The way the Amish live is very simple and natural. The book was written in that same way. The author showed the readers what it was like to live in the Amish way, with no running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, or automobiles. Readers got a glance at what it was like to sit in a one-room schoolhouse with all eight grades together. They got an idea of what it was like to wake up at 6:00 am to feed the chickens, milk to cows, and collect eggs all before heading to school. The Amish are very diligent and hard-working people. And through the book, readers understand that the family and community are most important....
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Book Review - chapter was going to be about Then the author...

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