Essay 1 (fall term 101) - good goalie and good team...

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Steve Cifelli 9-15-07 Essay #1 It was the winter of ’95 and I was playing on the Cox carpet street hockey team. I played right wing and sometimes defense that season. We had an awesome season finishing with the best record out of all the teams in that age group. There were a few rough playoffs games but we came out on top. The hardest part about this was playing against all but one of my friends that lived on the same street as me. But, we beat them and also won bragging rights and, still to this day we bring it up. Street hockey was and still is very popular in Egg Harbor Twp It seems like almost ever kid plays street hockey until the 8 th grade not many kids keep playing I never really understood why. Anyway, at our first practice we got to meet our teammates and when we did we knew we were going to be a good team. A few of my friends that I knew from school were on the team too. We finished the best in our age group that year only loosing 3 games. We had a
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Unformatted text preview: good goalie and good team chemistry even though we were only 8 to 10 years old we worked as team. Team chemistry is important to any team in order to win games. They had me play right wing; I scored five goals that season. We were 4 games a head of the team in 2 nd place. One game I had to play in the playoffs was the team most of my friends were on. This game was a big deal for us, mainly because of bragging rights. My one friends scored who played on the other team. I did not score but my team won anyway and I won bragging rights.3 games after that game was the championship game which Cox carpet won. This was one of the most memorable sport moment I took part in. Winning a championship means you’re the best. Although it was a small championship, it still meant Steve Cifelli 9-15-07 Essay #1 a lot to us. I still joke around ever once in a while with my friends who were on that team we beat in the playoffs....
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Essay 1 (fall term 101) - good goalie and good team...

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