essay 5 (spring term) - Steve Cifelli English 101 Essay 5...

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Steve Cifelli 12-3-07 English 101 Essay 5 Classifications of Metal Have you ever wondered what the different types of metal are? Well, there are several: thrash metal, death metal, and metalcore are just a few different types. Each is different in its own ways. Metal is basically formed from distorted Blues and some Rock Metal was influenced from classical and jazz. Pretty much everything about the music from the song structures to the solos are jazz influenced. Death metal is the most dark and eerie form of metal. Death metal is a faster, harder more difficult version of thrash metal. The guitarist is extremely quick and distorted with more difficult riffs, played with double base and quick drum beats. Death metal is pretty much thrash metal but quicker. The lyrics are often about death, drugs, suicide, and sex. Some death metal bands are Through the Eyes of the Dead and Emmure. The next from of metal is thrash metal. Thrash metal takes punk music and add faster guitar riffs and solos. The bass is easy but really quick. The name refers to both
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essay 5 (spring term) - Steve Cifelli English 101 Essay 5...

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