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Essay 4 (spring term) - to get used to it During college...

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Steve Cifelli English 101 Essay 4: Cause and Effect 11/15/07 Effects of Going to College or University. Going to a university or college is a very important and can be a good experience that will change your life forever. The three effects of entering a university or college which would most likely are missing old friends, learning how to get used to college life, and being responsible. All three are effects of going to college. When entering a University or college you start missing your old friends. There are a lot of reasons you and your friends go to different schools, feeling sad because you miss them is common. You will eventually see your friends again when everybody is home for their breaks such as, winter, spring and summer. Some of your friends might even come back to go to school closer to home because they miss home so much. Entering a university or college is getting used to the college or University. Going to high school is different than being in a university or college, so you have to learn how
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Unformatted text preview: to get used to it. During college you have to do well or you could be kicked out of your university or college, professors are not going to solve your problems. It is up to you to solve them. There are many responsibilities when entering a university you have while in college. Going to a college helps you become a responsible and all around better person. During college you are in charge of the decisions that you make like, going to class or not going to class, doing homework or not doing homework and more. Being responsible is important while you are in college. Going to a university, can be weird for some people at first, but with a little some effort, it can be one of the best things a person can experience. It is important to enjoy college because it will help you become a responsible person, only if you learn how to get used to it....
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