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Bolshevik reovultion -History -Tactics -Weapons -Implications Events Leading Up, July Days -The June Offensive launched by war minister Alexander Keransky was a monumental failure and lead to mounting unrest among soldiers and civilians. -A group of 20,000 armed sailors from "Red Kronstadt ,"the naval base on the island of Kronstadt located near St.Petersburg or Petrograd , as it was known, marched into Petrograd and demanded that the Soviet take power. - Background -The Bolshevik Revolution also known as the October Revolution was a conflict between the Russian Provisional Government and the Soviets, which were dominated by Bolsheviks. -Bolshevik troops took over government buildings beginning on October 24 th and succeeded in capturing the seat of government the Winter Palace in Petrograd on October
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Unformatted text preview: 25 th . Next Slide-Bolshevik leader Jaan Anvelt led his leftist revolutionaries in an uprising in Tallinn , the capital of Estonia .-Vladimir Lenin led his forces in the uprising in Saint Petersburg , the capital of Russia , against the ineffective Kerensky Provisional Government-The assault led by Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko was launched at 9:45 p.m. signaled by a blank shot from the cruiser Aurora .-Side note: the winter palace was protected by Cossack Cadets Aftermath-A coalition of anti-Bolshevik groups including invading armies from the victorious Allies attempted to unseat the new government in the Russian Civil War from 1918 to 1922. Implications Military structure was flawed...
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