PSYC 121 Paper1

PSYC 121 Paper1 - Brent Klein-Horsman PSYC 151 J 9.18.07...

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Brent Klein-Horsman PSYC 151 J 9.18.07 Faith is confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing; as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary. We normally think of faith as an idea or feeling that we don’t always understand nor have proof for, but we believe none the less. Though faith can be explained in many different ways we don’t always comprehend exactly how it works or why we can blindly believe. Other than to say we have faith and that is why we believe, which does not explain any part of faith. Scientist Dean H. Hamer has brought up an interesting idea in his book “The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired Into Out Genes” according to an article in the Grand Rapids Press about the book Hamer’s idea is not that faith is something we learn, but rather something that is in our nature. Dean Hamer explains “We think that all human beings have an innate capacity for spirituality and that that desire to reach out beyond oneself, which is at the heart of spirituality, is part of the human makeup.” But some evangelical Christians might have a problem taking the idea of faith and stripping it down to chemical reactions in the brain. Simplifying faith in such a way definitely can cause someone to have a hard time believing what Hamer talks about in his book. Christian’s idea of faith is much more than chemical reactions; faith is not
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PSYC 121 Paper1 - Brent Klein-Horsman PSYC 151 J 9.18.07...

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