BME_501_Cardiovascular_Physiology_Syllabus_1_8_07 - BME 501...

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1 BME 501 Cardiovascular System Instructor: T. K. Hsiai, M.D., Ph.D., FACC Director, USC Cardiovascular Research Core Associate Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering and Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Viterbi School of Medicine and Keck School Medicine University of Southern California Office: DRB 172 Tel: 213-740-7236 e-mail: Textbook: Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices Edited by Paul A. Iaizzo, Humana Press References Cardiovascular Physiology by Robert M. Berne and Matthew N. Levy , 8 th Ed. Mosby Biology. 6 th Ed. by Neil A. Campell and Jane B. Reece Textbook of Medical Physiology by Arthur Guyton and John E. Hall Evaluation: 1) Midterm: 15 % 2) Group oral presentation: 15 % 3) Final exam (comprehensive, including group presentations): 20 % Academic Integrity: 1) Academic Integrity: conduct/aiansw.html 2) Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards - Site Help 8859-1&lk=2&qt=Academic+integrity&st=51
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This note was uploaded on 02/27/2008 for the course BME 501 taught by Professor Yamashiro,hsiai during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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BME_501_Cardiovascular_Physiology_Syllabus_1_8_07 - BME 501...

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