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Adam Kelly Quiz #1 1. “I Can, I Will” (or “You Can, You Will” from the perspective of a teacher) It’s a simple motto, but posting this mantra around the classroom might help instill both confidence (“I Can”) and an expectation of success, measured in effort and personal growth (“I Will”), in a student’s mind. Furthermore, the teacher could post “You Can, You Will” on or behind his or her desk, showing the students that they have the teacher’s unconditional support and confidence. It’s vitally important that teachers simply tell their students that they believe in them- since academic achievement is primarily about personal growth, students need an environment where it is OK to take longer than others to master a skill, or fail a test when they put in their best effort. It’s important to frequently and consistently remind students that this support is there for them, and is a constant in their academic lives. However, it is more meaningful when the teacher shows the support through feedback and encouragement rather than by repeating a motto and/ or posting it around the classroom. 2. Introspect. How did you get here? What do you believe?
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What matters most? How do you treat your favorite students? How do you treat low achievers?
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quiz%20#1.docx - Adam Kelly Quiz #1 1. "I Can, I Will" (or...

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