Jason v. Herakles - Guzmn, 1 Enrique Guzmn, Jr. Classical...

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Guzmán, 1 Enrique Guzmán, Jr. Classical Mythology Dr. Freeble November 7, 2007 Champions of the Bliss Jason’s portrayal of heroism was demonstrated by a fierce form of intrepidness. We are vastly shown the true depiction of a hero in the actions of this man. A hero is a champion that would lead and conquer anything and anyone to victory. These men are gracious and powerful title holders, defenders of justice and virtue; guardians of the truth. Jason was largely considered an influential advocate when it came to heroism. He displayed many of the characteristics necessary to be considered a hero. His life was set and based on journeys and challenges that he overcame with his strengths and other divine interventions. However, if we were to compare Jason with the accomplishments and undertakings of the well-identified Herakles; who would be the greater hero? Jason was a man with a destiny. The fate of this one man would show us the providence of his fortune. He was born in a royal Thessalian family full of greed and deceitfulness. His father’s half-brother Pelias wished to take control of all of Thessaly; he killed every descendant of his family only to be named king of Iolcus. Pelias robbed Jason’s father of his rightful tenure and shifted Jason’s destiny. This boy, only an infant;
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Jason v. Herakles - Guzmn, 1 Enrique Guzmn, Jr. Classical...

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