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Enrique Guzmán, Jr. April 1, 2008 Climate Wedge Worksheet (30 Points) Note: the answers to these questions can be found in the National Geographic Essay “Carbon Crisis”. - 1) List three environmental consequences of the global warming we’ve seen so far (6 points): Due to the warming of temperatures we have seen (1) more frozen masses that are melting, (2) which unfortunately is increasing the sea level and amount of water in the ocean. By this occurring we experience (3) shifts in the seasons and rainfall patterns. 2) Even if we now stopped adding more CO2 to the atmosphere, what’s the problem? (3 points) There is a type of interval on the warming effects of the carbon that has already been added. It takes time for the carbon that is in the atmosphere to go into effect, so even if we stop adding more carbon the earth would still get warmer. 3)
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