Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1: The Globalization of...

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Chapter 1: The Globalization of International Relations Week 1-2 1. IR and Daily Life a. International Relations affects everyone (i.e. getting jobs, voting, global economy) b. The Study of International Relations (IR) - concerns the relationships among the world’s governments. c. Core Principles i. IR revolves around one key problem: How can a group, such as two or more nations, serve its collective interests when doing so requires its members to forgo their individual interests? 1. i.e. How can the world reduce global warming? ii. The collective goods problem is the problem of how to provide something that benefits the whole group regardless of what each member contributes to it. 1. Easier to provide in small groups a. Free riding (defection) is more obvious b. Defection is easier to punish c. This is why G7 (Group of Seven) works so well 2. The collective goods problem occurs in all groups an societies 3. Critical in foreign affairs because there is no world government and each nation is sovereign iii. Dominance establishes a power hierarchy, the higher one’s status the more recourses they may receive 1. Rather than fighting for resources people fight for status hierarchy 2. Leader may not be the strongest but the most adapt at leading the group 3. Works in the common goods problem because it forces people to contribute, has stability and predictability 4. It can oppress and cause resentment iv. Reciprocity rewards the behavior that contributes to the group and punishing behavior that pursues self-interest at the expense of the group
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1. Can be used or occur without any central authority
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Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1: The Globalization of...

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